Hilary Duff Will Not Release Anymore Singles

Contributed Anonymously:

Don’t expect to hear a new single from for a while. The popstar who released her sophomore album, ‘Hilary Duff,’ in will not release anymore singles from that album. Why you may ask? The first single, ‘Fly,’ was released in August and was meant to be a big hit. The song ended up tanking early and it was planned to release the next single in November. ‘Fly,’ was finished by the end of September and the label decided to wait on a new single instead of rush one. The sales were steady until December when a sudden drop took place, sending the album down the charts. The track, ‘The Getaway,’ was going to be released in January but was cancelled until further notice. After seeing this week’s Billboard, the album had fallen off the top 100 and Hollywood Records has decided to invest their money in a new album instead of trying to boost the sales for this one. So instead of trying to continue releasing singles, Hilary will instead record a new album for release this fall. As of right now, there are plans for a summer tour but nothing is confirmed.

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