Hilary Duff Working Hard To Get Acid Reflux Too

USA Today Pop Candy columnist Whitney Matheson took part in a Q&A with readers on Wednesday and was asked if acid reflux now the must have medical condition to have in Hollywood after Ashlee Simpson’s claim that the disease forced her to lip-synch on ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend. “Yes, I hear is cramming all sorts of indigestion-enhancing foods down her throat as we speak,” Matheson joked. Asked if she was shocked Simpson was lip-synching and her subsequent hoedown dance moves, Matheson responded, “It made me crave some Lucky Charms. And yes, I think all of us who watched Ashlee screech her way through recording sessions weren’t taken by surprise. Though if I were booked on ‘SNL,’ I’d probably use a ‘backing track,’ too.” Read the entire transcript here.

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