Hilary Duff’s 24 Hour Job

Laura Stradiotto of The Sudbury Star spoke with in a Q&A, and asked the teen queen if she ever had days when she wishes she was an average teenager. “Of course,” Duff responded. “Normal girls have days when they wish they had a different life. It’s kind of the same. I can’t just be a normal 18 year old and get in my car and go somewhere or decide to go to my favorite restaurant by myself, or with my friends. We always have to be thinking who’s waiting outside my house and who’s going to follow me, what time of day is it, are people just coming out of school. My job is a 24-hour job. Everywhere you go, people are looking at you or coming up and asking for things. Part of it is really flattering, part of it I love. It’s really nice to hear that people love your music and are inspired by you, or think you’re pretty, whatever else they have to say. But also it’s just constant work.”

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