Hilary Duff’s Blog Update: Having a Blast In Australia!

wrote on her blog at KOL: “My Adelaide concert sold out! Fans treated me with love and kindness and the energy was electrifying! In Melbourne, we were able to catch the new ‘Harry Potter’ movie. People actually came to the theater dressed as the characters! There were about twelve Harry Potter look-alikes to my left and to my right. This was the best movie of the series so far. I love how the characters are growing up in the movies and moving on to newer and more exciting adventures. OH YEAH, I also went shopping. I found these cool UGG boots that I have been searching for back home. They were easy to find here, since they are made in Australia. I am having a blast in Australia! Tomorrow, I have the day off and I am going to venture out to Bondi Beach. I’ll let you know how it is. Until next time……”

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