Hilary Duff’s Candies / Kohl’s Commercial

Candies’ website has posted the new commercial for Candies and Kohl’s, featuring music from Duff’s new single ‘Wake Up’. Watch it at YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Candies / Kohl’s Commercial

  1. ihatehilary says:

    STOP NOT CREDITING POPSTAR, MM!!! but I already saw this commercial today. I was innocently watching tv like I always am when a Hilary commercial comes on, and it came on during general hospital. and right when they finally stopped playing the icebreakers commercial. this needs to be a warning in the next few pop acts on tv this week stories. I have candies perfume. but I had it for years already, way before Hilary even started wearing perfume. way before she was the candies’ girl. way before she was even lizzie. I had it so long, Joel was even young enough to not be a pedophile yet! the point is, I don’t have it cuz of hilary. and I don’t wear it cuz it stinks. no wonder they picked her. and if it didn’t stink, I wouldn’t wear it til they got a new girl next year. but it does stink, so I wear my curious by Britney instead.

    “featuring music from Duff’s new single ‘Wake Up'” and stop changing popstar’s words and making her sound stupid, MM. a single IS music, so what else would it feature?? anyway, let today’s marathon begin! *fires the gun, accidentally aiming it at you know who instead of in the air.

    oh, and I also had a pair of shoes. but I out grew them.’, ‘and I really liked them. :(

  2. astrange1 says:

    And what exactly is the message communicated in this commercial? I can pull up in a limo, buy the whole f**king store out, and speed away laughing while the rest of you rabble have to deal with quaint things like lines.

  3. Hunglo says:

    Hilary Duff’s Candies for the lardazz pre-teen in us all

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