Hilary Duff’s Chihuahua Lola Is Dead

Hilary Duff: Lola is dead

checked in with her Twitter followers (@HilaryDuff) earlier today, confirming that her beloved Chihuahua Lola is dead. Duff dealt with Lola being treated for seizures last year, taking her for treatment from a veterinarian who inserted a shunt into the dog’s skull in order to drain fluid from her brain. Hilary and her dog have been making headlines since 2005, where Duff confessed to spending $150 on a dress for the Chihuahua. Duff tweeted fans:

Guys! Thank you for all your well wishes for my beautiful Lola. It really means so much when you a hurting to know so many people care. Love you all

RIP my beautiful Lola girl. My heart is broken:( Say a prayer for my little angel

sent a Twitter message (@AshleyTisdale) to Duff:

@HilaryDuff thinking of you and Lola, I’m so sorry.

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