Hilary Duff’s Happy New Year

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Hilary Duff writes in her diary on her official website on Monday (January 5): “Hi Everybody! Happy New Year! I had so much fun in New York on New Year’s Eve performing on MTV. I’ve been there only once as a little kid for New Year’s Eve and I don’t really remembered but seeing the ball drop is such an amazing experience and I was happy to share it with my family and friends who all came to New York. Over the weekend I saw perform in Las Vegas and now I’m back to work. I already had a photo shoot this morning and a table read for my upcoming movie. I gotta run now, but I’m excited to play more shows over the weekend. Luv ya’ll, xoxo hil*”

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One thought on “Hilary Duff’s Happy New Year

  1. Sasuke says:

    She is exelent speaker!

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