Hilary Duff’s Most Embarrassing Moment

In the May issue of Teen People, revealed her most embarrassing moment. “During my video shoot for ‘Come Clean’, I was hanging out with my now boyfriend. As I climbed down from my trailer, my heel got stuck in the steps. I went thump! Both of my feet were stuck, and I was laughing hysterically.”

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11 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. filipe says:

    There was this one time when I had my period and it was really bad. I was siiting in the cafatiera and I side next to my freind and the seat was all red so I sided back but no one saw.The next day I was in computer class and me and my friend torrie switched our seats when I was to give his seat back my pants and my seat was all red and everyone saw and all the boys didn’t shut up about it. after school everyone knew about it. Even the 8th grade boys knew about it and they all looked at me.

  2. Kim S. says:

    I was in New York City with my high heel sandals that tie around my ankles and my 4 year old skin tight Lee jeans with a ink stain on my left rear pocket also an old faded bubblegum that I sat in around 2 year ago.Well I was stuck with my brother walking to the store down there and then it happen to me I walked with both heels on to the gates half way on the grates I got both heels stuck really good I’m pulling and tugging and nothing happening I’m still stuck and my little brother is laughing at me and loving every minute of me being stuck not to menchane no one will help me either ten minutes later my brother helps me get unstuck to the grate.

  3. Tina Marie says:

    Hi Kim I have the same thing with my younger brother I’m 22 years old and my bro is 18 years old & I’m 5 foot 2 inches & 90 pounds and wear a size 2 jeans.My bro will get me stuck faster than crazy glue dries I went to the mall with my bro & somehow he stuck bubblegum on my ass and I walked for 4 hours in the mall with it stuck on my butt that’s why he was walking behind me now I know he was loving every minute that we were staying there it was a huge wad of neon pink bubblegum stuck on my lite lite blue skirt.I got in my car & got out at the house & felt stuck to my driver side seat but thort it was the bubblegum that was already there from another time.I sat on the seat in my house & got stuck to that too then I looked in the mirror and saw the bubblegum on my ass so I went into my brothers room & told him that I sat on gum & did you know it & he said YES I saw it stuck on your butt you can’t miss it that’s when I stuck my butt into his and told him to get it off my ass now so hes pulling some of it off & putting the bubblegum by my left heel I have niece wooden wedge sandals on then he grabs real tight & pulls again & pulls me back one step into the bubblegum now I’m really mad I got bubblegum on my sandals now I leave & told my bro forget it now.I’m a sticky mess my left sandal is getting stuck to the wood floors in the house.P.S. that bubblegum on my skirt that stuck on my butt is still stuck on my butt could not get it off stuck on my butt its on to long I still wear that skirt with bubblegum stuck on my butt THANKS BRO. for sticking it to me.

  4. Kim S. says:

    Yesterday was Friday so I wore my favorite skin tight white jeans that I bought in March to work and a black high heel sandals with a ankle tie my Lee jeans they fit so perfect on me Lees always do I have a tiny black spec stuck on my butt you have really by staring at my butt to notice it so I must have sat on something back in the spring time.I get on a New York City bus and wear my like a clear mirrored sun glasses I found a seat by the window so I squeezed between a man and the seat in front of me then sat down I look at the man and said thank you and he said to me thank you to me now I’m thinking that I’m stuck sitting next to a strange person.It is about 15 minute later I go to stand up and I feel my butt wanting to stay in the seat and feel my Lees snap back to my butt with a loud sticky sound.Lee jeans I found don’t have a elastic in them its either your stuck or your not but found in most cases you will be stuck it seem that bubblegum love Lee jean.Now I stand up and turn around to look at my seat and saw nothing then I put my hand on my butt then I felt a huge wad of bubblegum stuck really well on my butt then I squeezed between the man that had a big smile on his face and the seat in front of me then I ran out of the bus.I tried to get the gum off my butt outside the bus stop but was not able to take it off.Now I know why that man said thank you to me because I sat in either his bubblegum or not but the fact is I still sat in bubblegum and he never told me that there bubblegum on my seat the son of a B***h probably got a boner looking at gum stuck my butt or watching me stuck to seat and even sudden facial expression when you feel stuck to something.I get into work and go right into the bathroom to look at the gum on my butt threw the mirror and its what I was afraid of a huge blob of pink bubblegum stuck under my left rear pocket I sit in my plastic seat at my desk and feel stuck to it all day and also not one co-worker even told me that I had sat in gum I know that you can’t miss a pink blob on a white jeans.I wonder how many guys got boners looking at my butt yesterday on a hot humid day and that bubblegum was sticky and tacky all day.I try not to get embarrassed I just say that just my luck to be stuck in a muck of bubblegum hes a bum that spit gum on my seat so my bum can in it and I just laugh about it when it happens to me and I know it will I’m a lucky magnet to get stuck in something again, again, again, again, again, again.

  5. Nikki says:

    I hope this year in high school this girl Michelle isn’t there I herd she was moving.She don’t like me because all the boys talk to me so when she get a chance for some reason she like to see me sit in bubblegum and laugh and see me walk around school all day with gum stuck on my butt.She try to get me embarrassed but all the guys like me even more with bubblegum stuck on my butt.

  6. Tina Marie says:

    I when out for a 1 hour lunch at chilis with 5 co-worker yesterday and I was the lucky one to sit down in bubblegum .I thort I felt my butt sticking to the bench at the booth every time I moved.Its when we were leaving 1 of the girls said to me hey Tina you most have sat in bubblegum on the bench when I went to turn around to look and I saw everyone that’s sitting down is looking at the gum on my butt.That bubblegum was bigger then a fifty cent coin I thort it was about 4 or 5 pieces of thick bubblegum stuck on my jeans.I mean really these boys should learn to put bubblegum in a better places then on the seats that we sit on.The only thing with public places you never know wear the bubblegum is until you you feel that sticky feeling.

  7. Tim says:

    I went to Wendys to eat with my beutiful older sister Kim she got on these skin tight lite blue jeans on with a wooden white wedgie sandals that make a sexy sound when she walks with every step.Me and my sister were leaning on the wooden line diretor so stopped and I stuck bubblegum between me and her so when it was time to move we slid down one spot so sisters lovely butt is on the bubblegum and now its show time I moved one more spot again and my pretty sister said with a yell OMG I’m totally stuck to this wood Tim Help me Tim and everyone behind my sister has big smile.OK we go to sit down but before my sister got to the table I stuck another wad of pink bubblegum on her lovely wooden seat and she came over and pulled the seat out and looked down then sat down and we both eat and she stuck both of her feet on my lap and ask me to pull her sandals off for a few minute she’s a little tired so I looked on the bottom of the both of her sandals and saw wad of bubblegum stuck on them both I ask her how do you walk with bubblegum all over the bottom of your sandals she said there dry and hard now thankgod there not sticky anymore I said you should have told me that you stepped on bubblegum I would have tried to clean them for you so she said well you know what your doing when we get home so stuck her sandals back on her feet then told her those sandals are very heavy and she just looked at me and went to stand up and felt her butt stuck in that pretty little wooden seat she sitting in she OMG this is so not happening me she is so embarrassed that she is tugging and pulling so hard that she nocks over her plate on to her lap and has ketchup and a chocolate milk shake all over her ankles feet and sandals.I wiped her anklas feet and sandals all up its a little sticky but cleaner then it was I pulled her butt off the wooden seat and when she turn around she somehow sat down on her plate with all that mess now she also has chocolate milk shake,ketchup and napkins all stuck on her butt now she said your going to clean my jeans also when we get home and I said shaw if you lay on your belly so I can clean your butt she said whatever it take to get it off me Ill do.I personly think she was setting me up when I was thinking I was setting her up.

  8. Trisha STUCK moments says:

    Boy Tim that a great story I think your sister is cool with being stuck with all the people watching and laughing at her I’m sure no one felt sorry for her being so stuck in that situation.I no if I was there my eyes would be glued to her butt but Ill tell you that did play it good I guess you were more embarrassed then her.Here Ill tell you my story with my younger sister she hates anything stuck on her butt she so mad or embarrassed that she will leave a store before buying what she went in for or she tells me to take the bubblegum off her behind she is not cool with something stuck on her butt.I like when woman don’t worry when they sit down on bubblegum or sit in paint or even cake and still walk around like nothing wrong and there not going to throw either band new pair of jeans in the garbage or their favorite fitting pair of jeans in the garbage because of a little something stuck on their butt she should still wear them for years.When I was around 16 my cousin Trisha she was about 18 or 19 years old and she took me out to a baseball game on this very hot humid,sticky summer day so we find the seat in bleacher and her ticket has these numbers that match the seat with 1 huge wad of bubblegum stuck on her seat so she look around and saw no empty seat and in my mind I’m hoping she will sit down in the bubblegum then she looks at the bubblegum then turns around and sat down in the seat and I’m like YES.Its about hour and a half later she went to stand up and she completely STUCK in her seat so I yell Trisha are you OK she just laughing while she was pulling and tugging and everyone around us is watching a pretty girl wearing blue skin tight Capri jeans and her tan ankle strap wedge sandals on you know I think after telling the story I think my cousin sat in the bubblegum on purpose to watch my reaction instead of me watch her.Come to think of it she still wears those Capri’s with the bubblegum stuck on her butt when were together and we laugh at that day after 5 years later.I think my cousin likes that STUCK feeling when she’s helpless she was telling me a story the last time I was with her that she walked on a metal grate and both heels got stuck and I said man I would love to bin there to see that and she said you would.You would want to see me STUCK and I said no way with my fingers cross maybe so she show me heels that all messed up then sticks them on her feel and wants me to tie them around her ankles but I can’t reach so she sat down with her short shorts on to her kitchen table with my chocolate cake right under her butt then tie her heel around her ankles and she stood up with my paper plate STUCK on her butt she turn and looked at it and laugh so I pulled the plate off and got on my knees to clean the mess off and said would you kiss my ass oh yeah then she back up and pressed her butt into my face then I tipped the plate on to the floor and as Trisha is pushing backward she steps into the cake and then slips then causes me to fall backward and when I realized what happen she was sitting down on my face and I’m loving this this so great and she’s yelling help me I can’t get up I’m so STUCK this a beautiful thing.Ill see if she want to go to a movie theater with me soon.

  9. Kim says:

    I got ready to me my brother at a restaurant hes going to be there by 5:00p.m. and I’m going to meet him so stuck on my favorite blue jeans and I stuck bubblegum in a piece then sat on it while I was wrapping my ankle straps around my ankles and hopping up and down a few times to get it stuck in my jeans then I got into my car and turn on my heated seat then drove over to him.I went in the restaurant and he was seated already so I sat down and then the waiter said its ok to get our salads so my bro got up and started walking over and I’m stuck right and I’m walking back to the table and I see all the men looking at my butt but bro still don’t notice.I eat some salad then told my bro I have to go to the bathroom so I’m walking away and know he has to see the paper stuck on my butt.I go back to the and sat down and my wonderful bro tells me there a piece of paper STUCK ON YOUR BUTT and I go NO WAY so I turn around then I move under the light and see it so tried to grab it and pull but its STUCK so ask my bro so he pull it off and I got bubblegum STUCK all over my butt THAT GREAT now sticking to my seat and my bro is more embarrassed then Iam I love the feeling of being STUCK in a seat or just being STUCK.Now the end of dinner I yelled to my bro could you help me my wonderful butt is SO STUCK to my seat. I knocked the paper over with the bubblegum STUCK in it then stepped in gum and paper.We walked out and he notice the paper STUCK on my sandal and said hey Kim now its STUCK on your sandal and shook his head.

  10. Ted says:

    I tell my sister not to sit down yet because there is a wad of bubblegum on your side of the seat and I’m going to get paper tower to take it off for you.I come back and she is sitting in her seat on the bubblegum and told me not to worry the gum is not that sticky so I sat down on it now I’m thinking this is going to be great and I reallized my sister like to sit down thing such as bubblegum or step on thing it all come down to be she likes the feeling of being stuck on something.

  11. Ted says:

    I go with my sister and her friends to the movies so my sister and me sit in the back seats and I stuck her in the garbage side then put bubblegum in a piece of paper and stuck under her butt and then she down in it.The garbage on the floor witch her strappy high heel shoes are in it and there is some soda dripping on my sister little toes and she yelling something is spilling on my feet and it is sticking discusting YUCK.We get to the movies and my sister climbing out of the back seat and I’m right behind her looking at the paper stuck on her butt so when we got out I said to my sister Michelle you got a piece of paper stuck on your butt then she placed her hand on her butt and said OMG Ted you got to take it off me so I pulled it off and the gum stuck on the butt of her jeans.I said to my sis your stuck with gum on your butt tonight so she said GREAT.

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