Hilary Duff’s Peppy Pop Music Delights Audience

Billy Craig of the Richmond Times Dispatch reviewed Hilary Duff’s concert at the Richmond Coliseum on Wednesday (July 27). Craig writes, “Duff has not convinced all of America’s music and film critics that she deserves recognition as a great actress or a great singer. But last night, she convinced several thousand Richmonders that she is a mighty fine entertainer.”

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4 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Peppy Pop Music Delights Audience

  1. lilsongwritergal says:

    Where the hell is Ihatehilary? This has been on here all day I quickly checked popdirt in the morning…..wow

  2. rangergirl says:

    Duff is a great lip-syncer.

  3. ssl291 says:

    Get with the program it has been a long while that it is known that she doesn’t …’, ‘Lipsynch

  4. GCFanDuffSUCKZ says:

    ~~ The only people she can get to go to her showz are little Disney bratz the have NO clue what really music & talent iz ~~ Oh & some dumb whipped B**** named Joel ~~

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