Hilary Duff’s Positive Words About Aaron Carter

Terry Morrow of the Knoxville News spoke with about her recently ended romance with . “We’re still good friends. We talk on the phone every day,” she said with a laugh. “He likes going out. Other boyfriends I had wanted to stay home and watch TV. Aaron liked going to the movies and doing things.”

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2 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Positive Words About Aaron Carter

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Like omg, It’s like cause your other boyfriends like don’t wanna be seen with you, omg sorry I had to like break it to you.

  2. Dem0072 says:

    Well I can understand her not wanting to be couped up in a house watching a box that displays images and videos. But I think if the gossip is right, and he did “cheat” on her. I don’t know why she got back together with him. I think he’s taking 150% advantage of her. He knows the way she thinks, and frankly, I think she’s disclosed just a little too much info about herself. Her basics (Bio, birth date, age, favorites, etc etc..) are all well and just fine. But I’ve seen areas with her whole psychology. It describes her in ways that people would know exactly what to do! Ps: If I was a betting man, I’d say Aaron probably is betting money with his friends on how far he can get with her.. After all.. He is Nicks brother, and if there’s 1 thing I know about Nick, its he can’t hold a steady relationship with valuable assets. To put it bluntly, a “Player” and womanizer, both of em! I could care less who reads this, but I know a good deal about what goes on inside people, and this is about the sickest thing I’ve herd since 9/11 ! Hilary, your a good actress, and a pretty good singer, but your gullibility will only lead to being unaware, and your influence vulnerability makes you what Aaron would classify as an “Easy Target”. Though I would never even look at girls as “targets” ITS SO DEGRADING! Aaron to me, makes me ashamed.. Though I know that I am not him, so that’s 1 thing I could say I have going for me. I just don’t get how a guy cheats on her, and she gets back together with hi! After taking Lindsay to the same place, that would come across as rubbing it in to me. Anyway, g2g.. I have to write a report on if I think time travel is possible, that being said.. I wish I could make some people disappear in this world.. Saddam, Osama etc etc.. Then there’s the whole paradox thing! Ack!

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