Hilary is Donating to Tsunami Relief Fund

Contributed Anonymously:

At Hilary Duff’s official website HilaryDuff.com, Christina wrote that Hilary is going to doante a portion of the proceeds from each concert from her Canada Tour to the tsunami relief fund. Read on for the entire Christina Road Report.

“It is FREEZING and white is the color of the season in Canada!!! The snow is crazy! Last night was a blast in Kelowna. There was so much love and support for Hilary, there was no way that you could not feel it. Hilary was so shocked at how the crowd reacted when she walked on stage. It was soo amazing. I forgot how much fun the concerts are. Of course, Hilary did a great job. In honor of Hilary’s great night last night; Hilary and Susan (Hil’s mom) have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from each concert to the tsunami relief fund. That is really cool. I know that no matter how big or small the donation it’s really needed. We arrived in Calgary at around 5am this morning. We checked into the hotel and we were all starving. The clerk at the front desk told us about a place that makes home-made sour dough bread that was only 2 blocks away. So, we all decided that we should walk because it was not too far. We were so excited to eat a really big homemade breakfast but when we got there the restaurant was CLOSED! So we walked back to the hotel in like 11 degrees below zero weather. We had to settle for the breakfast buffet in the lounge. Since today is Hilary’s day off we may go to the mall or catch a movie. She’s not too sure what she wants to see, but I want to see everything thats out, so whatever she decides I will be happy. We are in the suite getting ready to leave. There are four dogs with us. Hil has a new chow hound puppy named Lola and she eats everything! Molly is Lola’s sister and she is Britnee’s dog. Molly is sooo sweet and cute. Then there’s little Sammy, he’s Molly and Lola’s brother. He belongs to Hil’s drummer Shauney Baby. Then of course there is Macy. She is the cutest dog in the world! Well, that’s all for today. I have to get ready to leave and I have to make sure to pile on the clothes so that I dont freeze like a popsicle. Til tomorrow.:o)”

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