Hillary Duff On Music Station

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Tamori: Next is a guest from overseas, Miss Hilary Duff.

Hilary: Thank you.

Emi: Hilary is a popular 16-year-old idol in America. She came to Japan specially to make an appearance on Music Station.

Tamori: You arrived from America yesterday?

Hilary: Yes, actually I arrived yesterday night and I’m here just for this today and I will fly back tomorrow and then the next day I’ll start working on a movie. So, it’s a little crazy right now.

(Wows from behind as the translator translates what Hilary said.)

Tamori: Wow, that’s really a busy schedule but you’re so cute. (??)

Hilary: Thank you, because I’m 16 I have a lot of energy.

Tamori: When’s the movie going to hit the cinemas?

Hilary: Umn, lets see. It comes out probably sometime next year, early next year.

Tamori: That’s a long time to shoot a movie. Do you have any vacation recently? Maybe not?

Hilary: On the airplane, in between places.

Tamori: That’s cool. Is Japan an interesting place?

Hilary: I love Japan. It’s my second time here and it’s so much I wish I had more time to go, you know, sight-seeing, shopping and stuff like that. Maybe next time. And beautiful weather over here.

Tamori: Great weather right? Can you speak Japanese?

Hilary: Erm, I can count. I can say ichi, ni, san, shi, go.(applause from behind) And I can say konnichiwa and arigatou. And I forget the last one.

(Hilary goes to the stage for standby)

Emi: Hilary likes Japan’s fashion and has interest in it. She also has her own brand and is taking some ideas from Japan’s fashion. So, lets listen to Hilary Duff’s So Yesterday.

Note: ichi, ni, san, shi, go=One, Two, Three, Four,
konnichiwa=good afternoon arigatou=thank you

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