Holly Brook: I Need A Job

Holly Brook, who provided vocals on the Fort Minor hit ‘Where’d You Go’ and released the album ‘Like Blood Like Honey’ last year before being dropped by Warner Bros, posted the following message to fans on her MySpace on Sunday (July 15):

I’ve been looking for a job because this music thing just isn’t paying the bills. Help me brainstorm!

First of all, I should let you know that I am available to sing demo vocals. This means, singing songs for songwriters and producers that are looking for cuts. If it is too far to travel, I can record it at home. I can also do background vocals on material that will be released, but I would need to first approve the song. Send me a message for my rates.

Other than that, my ideal jobs would be:

1. Part time personal assistant
2. Baby sitter/driver, but not to kids that are under 8 years old.
3. Something working with students
4. Something I could do from home on the computer
5. Something in the music business
6. Something in the aviation industry
7. Something really different, like working on a honey bee farm

These are the problems I face when looking for a job:

1. It needs to be flexible, because I never know when I am going to get a tour.
2. I need to make $10/hour bare minimum otherwise it doesn’t cover my expenses.
3. I am not a salesman. I tried to sell shoes once, and sucked.
4. I am not a good waitress. I tried that too, and couldn’t deal with mean customers.
5. So basically, customer service jobs and sales jobs are out of the picture.
6. I don’t want to travel too far, and I live in Ventura County

Thanks for your help!


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