Holly Brook ‘It’s Raining Again’

updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (April 5) after posting a new song on her player called ‘It’s Raining Again’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I wrote this song with Jon Ingoldsby and cellist, Cameron Stone, back in 2006 when we were on tour with Fort Minor. Here it is, FINALLY! Take a listen. This song will be released on the album entitled, “O’Dark:Thirty,” produced by Sheik and Jon Ingoldsby.

The song came to me after hearing Cameron pluck out some chords in a soundcheck. It stuck in my head, and one day when I was walking around I think in Boston, the melody for “It’s Raining Again” just popped into my head. So back in one of the hotel rooms, I think we were in New Jersey at this point, Jon, Cameron, and myself sat down together to form the song. It’s been a long journey to bring it to your ears now, but I hope it was worth the wait.

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