Holly Valance Puts Pop Career On Hold In Hollywood Bid

The People spoke with after her decision to put her singing career on hold to make it as a Hollywood film star. “I want to focus on acting now although I am still writing music,” Valance said. “I will settle in Australia, but I want to try my luck in LA first. I’d love to work with Sean Penn or Robert De Niro. They’re my idols.” Read more.

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One thought on “Holly Valance Puts Pop Career On Hold In Hollywood Bid

  1. Oliver Skowronek says:

    Good evening dear very honored Madam Holly Valance,
    Here is Oliver Skowronek, the ex-DSDS and The Supertalent-participent by Dieter Bohlens Castingshows. First af all I hope that you feel very well. Yes, Madam Holly Valance: You are my biggest singing role model at all and I want on phone talk with you about my music – On phone I will sing especially for you, Madam Holly Valance, one or more songs like you wish – It will be an honour for me I will absolutely not can describe. Please phone me in the next days when you find some free time for me (I know very well that you have a lot of work to do, but it will be very fine if you could find some minutes on phone for me), I already now say the biggest thank you for your phoning to me. I wish you nor a wonderful night and like said I will wait in the next days of your phone with the biggest enjoying. Goodbye, until very soon, your Oliver from the University of Social Economy in Nürnberg in Bavaria (Germany). (Sorry for writing so late to you, but I every day come very late from my University and because of many learning daily I now have found some time to mail to you).

    Yours Sincerely
    Oliver Skowronek

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