Hollywood.tv’s Hasan Relays What Adnan Told Him After Hearing

Sheeraz Hasan, CEO of Hollywood.tv, tells ‘The Early Show’ co-host Julie Chen that media attention is not a “public stoning” of , but that the star was panicked and overwhelmed before her custody hearing on Monday, which prompted her to bail on the proceedings.

“She was just so overwhelmed,” Hasan says he was told by the troubled pop tart’s boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. “She was panicked. She was so nervous. She was really, really stressed out in a major way. She knew from the moment that she left home, there were helicopters following her. I mean, normally, on a day-to-day basis, OK, it’s kind of like her friends are with her on a daily basis, kind of following her, but this was just really panicking.”

Adnan added that when Britney “got to the courthouse, you know, even Adnan was telling me that it was just way beyond her, and she was nervous. She was panicking. And all she was saying is, ‘I need to pray. I’m praying. I’m praying. I’m praying.'”

Video of the segment at CBS.com has since been removed.

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