Hope Partlow Dropped By Virgin Records

posted an update on her MySpace.com blog on Friday (November 4) with news that she has been dropped by her record company.

“Bits and pieces of information have slowly been getting out about some changes going on, and I thought I would clarify for everybody so the rumor mill doesn’t get started,” she wrote. “There has been alot of shuffling around at Virgin Records lately, some new execs have come in, and as part of the restructuring, Virgin has made the decision to drop my contract. Although it’s a little jolting, I’m in talks with other labels, and things are looking good. Don’t worry, this is not a farewell, I’m not going to drop off the face of the earth, I’m not going to stop singing… I will always sing. As I’ve said before, I will be off-tour for the next little while. This is just one of those transitions that everyone has to deal with in their careers. You guys can all continue to spread my music by telling your friends, and making radio requests, etc., etc…those are great ways to help out. I hope you all have a good weekend!”

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