Hope & Ryan Become The Willows With Third Member

checked in with fans on her MySpace on Monday (July 23) with the following blog entry:

Hello everybody! I am totally [psyched] to tell you guys everything that has been happening! Alright, where do I start… at first there was just me. I released an album only to be dropped a month later in 2005. When I was touring my first album, I met Ryan (my guitar player on the road). I have found that he is an amazing guitar player, singer, and songwriter. We decided to become a duo. We made an acoustic album with the songs that we wrote and we have played some shows around Atlanta. While searching for a keys player and harmony singer, we met a chick who by far exceeded all expectations! After some thought, we decided to ditch the duo and become a true band! We plan on turning the Hope & Ryan MySpace page into The Willows MySpace page. Things are moving really fast here lately!! We (The Willows) just got back from being in LA recording some demos. Hopefully, really soon we will have the songs up for the whole world to hear!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my crazy long blog. See you soon!! Oh, and i got a little bit of a trim. Peace, love, -hope

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