Hot Chelle Rae Discuss New Boyz Collaboration, ‘Whatever’, Twitter

Hot Chelle Rae sit down with Walmart Risers

is out with a brand new hit album, single, and celebrating an American Music Award for “New Artist of the Year.” Walmart Risers sat down with the guys to get the inside info, discussing their collaboration with New Boyz on ‘I Like It Like That’, the organic filming of the song’s music video at a Walmart parking lot, the inspiration for their ‘Tonight Tonight’ single, how all the songs on the ‘Whatever’ album are a story of the ride they’ve been on the past year, how the band met, an internet imposter inspiring the band’s name, touring with The Script, and keeping in contact with fans via Twitter.

“We said that ‘Tonight Tonight’ was inspired by one night of being crazy, and ‘I Like It Like That’ was basically like a year of those nights,” frontman Ryan Follesé explained. “Nashville is like a really fun town where we’re from, it’s filled with honky tonks and music and tons of musicians, and it really is a testament to the way that we live and how we are and how much fun we like to have when we’re not working our butts off.”

The interview, with Ryan and guitarist Nash Overstreet doing all the talking and bassist Ian Keaggy and drummer Jamie Follesé looking on, at has since been removed. Check out more photos from the visit after the cut.

Nash Overstreet of Hot Chelle Rae on Walmart Risers
Hot Chelle Rae chat with Walmart Risers
Hot Chelle Rae visit Walmart Risers
Hot Chelle Rae interviewed for Walmart Risers
Hot Chelle Rae interviewed on Walmart Risers

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