How Avril Lavigne Grew Out Of Country

Before hitting bigtime as a teen pop rocker, Avril Lavigne cut her chops as a country singer. “I wouldn’t go back to singing country,” Lavigne told MuchMusic. “I wanted to sing and my mom saw that in me and she tried to get me to sing wherever she could – so I started singing my first solo at church and then branched to fairs and you had to sing country songs. Then I was like, ‘Mom, I don’t like these songs!’ I didn’t really want to sing gospel music or country music anymore. It was getting to be embarrassing. I was growing older and into myself and realizing what I wanted to do, so I started writing songs. I was writing when I was 14. Then they started to be different and they turned out to what my songs are like now.”

Avril Lavigne’s A Big Fan Of

July 30, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports Avril gushes about but took shots at and Hilary Duff. “I like [Jessica],” Avril admitted. “I met her once. She was all shy, so sweet and pretty. I’m a total fan. If I wanted to look like anyone, I’d want to look like her.”

Equal Partner Marriage A Goal For Avril And Deryck

July 26, 2004 – A music industry insider spoke with the National Enquirer about Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley’s decision to purchase a $15 million Beverly Hills mansion together. “Avril and Deryck are equal partners and are buying their house together,” the insider said. “Each has their own successful career. He doesn’t want to be Mr. Lavigne any more than she wants to be Mrs. Whibley. They are determined to have an equal partner marriage in the near future. And they’re going to start out by living in an amazing house together.”

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11 thoughts on “How Avril Lavigne Grew Out Of Country

  1. trluk says:

    She’s kinda full of it. I mean I love country. I think her singing about her childish teenage issues like ‘all the pain I can’t cope, its wrong, it hurts, I hate society but I love skateboarding’ is a lot more lame than most of country musics ‘tales of old’ themes.

  2. maypillow11 says:

    Bull. She has about 20 different stories on how she “grew out of country music”. She never grew out of it, her label made her sing pop rock because they knew that it would sell way more than just a plain country singer. That’s why. So they told her to dress like a skater, act like a rocker, and sing pop rock music and little teeny bopper wanna be rebel skaters like Avril herself, tried to mimic her. And it worked. All her dumb fans dressed like her and tried to act like her, when all she was doing was being fake and still is. If she came out just singing country dressed in preppy clothes like she always used to dress before she was brainwashed, she would have appealed to as big of an audience as she did. She didn’t grow out of it, she had no choice.

    Of course even in this interview she is lying. She skips the fact that her label forced her skater image on her. So how many fake stories has she told? First she was a skater in high school, then she claims in this here interview (read entire thing on bandaids forum) that she was NEVER I repeat NEVER a skater and the media made her out to be but she wasn’t…then she says she just ‘grew out of country music’…only to say later that her label gave her rock cd’s to listen to and she ‘fell in love with them’. Hmm I wonder why you were given rock cd’s to listen to if you auditioned to the label singing country…..could it be because they told you to sing rock and to listen to more rock music so you can pick up some rock style influence? Quite a hypocrite miss Lavigne is.

  3. squall says:

    Why do you go to Avril sites when you supposedly don’t like her?’, ‘The funny thing is, what is the point in you complaining about her all the time? When it comes down to it, she’s more talented than you, she’s hotter than you, she’s richer than you’ll ever be, and millions of people love her while maybe only your parents even tolerate you. boring.

    Who cares? You’ve never changed taste in music?’, ‘When I was 11 I didn’t listen to any music. My friend gave me his Green Day and nirvana CD and then I started liking that. Since then I have gone to R&B, then to emo, then to rap, then to punk, then to more modern rock stuff, over to jazz, and then over to Arab, Asian, some European, music, then I went over to the oldies, then big band….. and now? I listen to everything from each phase of music I had. Currently my favorite is probably the whole “new age” rock thing…. Linkin Park, Trapt, etc. I also listen to some top 40 stuff every now and then. also clubbing music is always good. But I will still listen to my Ray Charles album… I still love Sinatra, and every once in a while I even listen to that dirrty girl and usher. What’s the point? I’m now about 23 and my taste in music has shifted so much… it’s still changing. So how odd or “fake” is it for a young girl who grew up singing country and gospel in a little town in Canada till the age of around 14, to then eventually start listening to rock, punk, and folk-rock at the age of 17? She’s almost 20 and if she hadn’t explored different music by the age of 20, I’d seriously wonder what was wrong with her and not wanting to take in the incredible music we have on the planet. Are you saying that you’ve never changed your taste in music? Actually, you like Britney Spears right? Jesus… you probably went from Tiffany, to new kids, to spice girls, to backass boys, to Britney. Well….. whatever….. you’re lame and stupid. Get a life!

  4. maypillow11 says:

    Was that supposed to be an insult? You don’t know what I look like and I CERTAINLY don’t look like that anorexic, t*tless, big nosed poser. You don’t know how much money I have, you don’t know how ‘talented’ I am in anything. YOU DON’T KNOW ME A*SHOLE! LOL, you’re trying to attempt (and failed) at insulting me, based on things you have no clue on? I see avril, I know she is fake. I HEAR avril, and know she has no talent. You’re just some desperate loser teeny bopper, who likes talentless posers and copies them because you have no life of your own. I didn’t look it up on bandaids either get your facts straight. That was on another message board, I copied from there, and they said it was from bandaids. Avril has no fans anymore. She has WAY more people dissing her and hating her, than people liking her. Everyone know she cannot sing, she is manufactured, she fake plays guitar, and claims credit on songs she had no input on. That’s why you’re mad. It seems like YOU are the only person ever defending Avril. But their are about 10 times more people dissing her and pointing out all her many lies and contradictions. She is as talentless as Britney, and uses her fake image to sell records just as Britney sells her body. Both in the end have no talent, and nothing to show for their fame. One sounds horrible live and fake plays a guitar, one lipsyncs and looks like barbie. Both manufactured as hell. Face the facts and stop trying to grasp reasons defend her, when the evidence of her flat out lying stare you in the face. You know you’re an Avril fan, when you have evidence of her saying 2 things that contradict each other, yet you still believe she is ‘real’ and truthful. I am not even talking about just when she changes her mind on things. I’m talking about things like, first she said on “let go” she wrote almost all the songs herself and the matrix barely wrote a thing(until they told the truth) and then right before she was releasing her new album she admitted “All the songs I wrote for my first album got taken away and re written, but I am not going to let that happen on this album”. Or something like “I was a skater in high school so I know what it feels like to get looked down upon for how you dress”… when their are pics and videos of her as a prep up until she got signed to a record deal. And then in the interview above she said “I was NEVER a skater, I don’t know where people got that from, its just the media labeling me.” And these came out of her mouth either on a reliable magazine, radio or TV. No tabloid crap. She is a hypocrite.

    No idiot, its not about her “changing her taste in music”. She grew up singing country all her life and dressed preppy. Then she auditioned for her label singing the Dixie Chicks when she dropped out of school at age 16…. which is an obvious indication that she wanted to sing COUNTRY on her album. Then as soon as she is signed boom she turns into a skater chick? Hmm I wonder why. If you don’t see that she went to an image consultant (ALL labels have them) than you are dumb and naive. She said on TV she was a skater in high school, then you see pictures of her during and after school preppy and singing country. What do you have to say about that lie? She tries to make herself seem like she is real, and she told lies like that which can so easily be figured out. She was so desperate to try and get people to believe she was real that she made up stories about herself in high school. What a coincidence that she suddenly changes her taste in music AFTER she got signed to a record deal. Kind of like the same ‘coincidence’ Britney Spears had when she was an innocent country bumpkin when she got signed and then she came out as a sex kitten squeaky clean pop princess. Avril didn’t just come out signing pop rock. She dressed like she was some bad ass rocker rebel, she acted as if she were always like that. Even in her song “complicated” she stated “take off all you’re preppy clothes” (which was the only line she wrote on according to the matrix). When about a month before SHE was preppy. She tries to act like she is some skater chick and it is all an act. Record companies have image consultants for this purpose. They know what will appeal to young audiences. They knew that a pop princess with trendy clothes would make millions of girls copy her, and guys want to have sex with her. They knew the whole ‘skater kid’ would appeal to the kids who were skaters themselves, or outsiders who wanted a more realistic role model to look up to than barbie aka Britney Spears. So they come up with Avril the misfit rocker who is the anti Britney and loves to ‘play’ guitar. It all about money. And it worked. Millions of kids loved Avril and copied her and bought her music based on her fake skater image. Just as millions bought Britney album because she is pretty and fashion trendy. They are so much alike it is sick. When Britney came out all the girls tried to be her. They wore those dumb pig tails, belly shirts and plaid skirts. And what a coincidence that when Avril come out, all the little girls start buying big spikey bracelets, and ties. They are put together period. Everyone with a brain knows that. But their is no point on trying to tell you. Avril herself can say ‘I am a fake” and you still will try and not believe it. Its so transparent but some are blind to see what they don’t want to believe.

  5. flowergirl223 says:

    Can’t deny the cold hard facts. But some people are just impossible. But no matter what Avril fans are going to believe anything to make them think she is real. They are hardcore dude, like totally. Intelligence they lack, watch you’re back, because the teeny boppers are about to attack.

  6. squall says:

    Judging from your other posts… You sound like an uneducated fool with no life. Remember just a little while ago when you tried to argue that investing in a finite asset was not a great business investment? You tried to front like you knew about the real estate market and I totally knocked you on your stupid a$$. Judging from how you demonstrated that you lack good debating skill, grammatical skill, and just flat out lie about stuff you don’t know about…. I doubt you have talents in anything. Have you made millions of dollars at 17 years of age? You gonna try and lie about that too? Well I’m guessing if you have made that much money by your age, it’d be all over the place… since it ain’t? I’m guessing no. Thanks for playing… waste more of your pointless life talking about a person you don’t even like.

  7. maypillow11 says:

    LOL!!! You “Knocked me on my a*s”? LOL, FUNNIEST DAMN STATEMENT I’VE HEARD ALL DAY. You didn’t do anything but make yourself look like a teenybopper fool trying to yet again defend Avril for something she was wrong on. The point of my other post was Avril claimed she was not into Hollywood, that she dissed other celebrities that spent tons of money and ride in limos. And then she turned around and bought a 15 million dollar home. And you come in there desperately trying to find things to say to defend her like, it was “an investment”. WHO CARES?!! She dissed others for spending big and being put on a pedestal, and then she buys a home more expensive than any other pop star I have ever seen. THAT’S the point. Not about some bull crap excuse like she was “making an investment”. I don’t care if she was buying the home so she can do cartwheels all day in it, the point was that she was being a hypocrite. Criticizing other celebrities to make herself look ‘real’ and then she contradicted herself. A battle you clearly lost. But that’s not what THIS post is about. You want to try and attempt to defend her on that issue, go to the other post about it. You are so dumb. You have nothing to say about the FACTS I have listed on how she contradicted herself, hence the fact you are trying to insult me, rather than prove me wrong. Because you can’t. The quotes she said that I listed above were things that were caught on tape and in very high publicized magazines. That’s why you have to throw petty digs at me because you have nothing to back her up on when the FACTS are right there. Look it up. What the hell does her “making millions of dollars” have to do with anything? Does that make her talented? No. Does that make her respectable? No. Does that make her a truthful person? No. Milli Vanilli also made millions, and I am just SO envious of them. You know you lose an argument when instead of trying to prove me wrong about Avril lying and contradicting herself, you have to talk about how much money she has made on being a teeny bopper manufactured fake. How sad, that’s the best you got? What does her making money have to do with the price of bread? Britney Spears has no talent and takes off her clothes. She has made about 10 times what Avril did. Is Avril jealous of her? Yeah wait she is, that’s why she talks about Britney to the press. Do me a favor. Come back when you actually have valid points to make, instead of talking about money she has made. As if that has ANYTHING to do with what I was saying.

  8. secretball555 says:

    ‘Squall’ you are being so immature, you can never just admit when you are wrong. Fact is that Avril DID say those things, the quotes are from reliable sources. I have heard her say them as well. And if you even ask some Avril fans, they will say that they were curious as to why she contradicted/lied about so many things. If we were all arguing about our opinions of her music that would be one thing. Because some hate her music, some like it. We all have our opinions. But these aren’t opinions. These are actual things she has said. Made up stories about her being a skater in school, then totally denying it by saying she was never a skater, or that she didn’t dress like one until after she left Canada. That’s 3 different stories alone. She is wrong and you know it. Just be the bigger person and either admit you are wrong about this particular incident, or just keep on agreeing to disagree.

  9. Libz says:

    Uh, no, you mean the marketing wizards that built your persona in a lab forced you to ditch country music and pretend to be a punk rock princess.

  10. paul says:

    when is he going to stop lying about writing music and all the rest. All the people she has worked with have already confirmed this fact.The girl has neither the talent or the education to wqrite anything; nice voice though, this is why they hired her. I could go on about the phony gatar playng etc. but I have beter things to do.

  11. Val says:

    Sorry, but no XD She did want to sing pop/rock and not country and she writes all her songs :) Sorry to mislead you all.

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