How Christina Aguilera Came Back

Peter Robinson of the Guardian decribed the pop comeback of with her new mega-hit ‘Beautiful’. “Christina’s credibility was so dead in the water that was hailed as an international hero for wiping bogies on her car,” Robinson said of her first single ‘Dirrty’. “So when the casting sheet for the video to her next single was leaked, its faintly dubious requirements looked to have sealed Christina’s demise. Ms Aguilera had jumped the shark. Right now the bogeywiper’s career has nosedived to meet her father’s in pop’s great bargain bin, but Christina is riding high. Rather than being the precise point when Christina lost everything, ‘Beautiful’ is a global No 1 airplay hit and, with its video, has redefined her career in a fashion barely seen since Jo Whiley pronounced Take That’s ‘Back For Good’ a work of utter genius.” Read more.

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