How Do You Pronounce ‘Gigli’?

Jennifer Lopez 'Gigli'

Craig Kilborn joked about the and Ben Affleck starring dud ‘Gigli’ during his Late Late Show monologue on Monday night. Craig said, “Over the weekend the movie ‘Gigli’ opened. It’s spelled ‘Gigli’ but it’s pronounced as “the worst movie ever.”

Even Justin Guarini & Kelly Clarkson Walked Out Of ‘Gigli’

August 6, 2003 – Tonight Show host Jay Leno cracked off a few jokes about and Ben Affleck’s new movie ‘Gigli’ during his Tuesday night monologue. Jay joked, “Some exciting news – military experts say our troops are closing in for sure at this point, and getting ready to strike. They now think within a couple days we should have the producers of ‘Gigli’ in custody. I don’t want to say it’s bad, but Justin and Kelly walked out on it. Here’s the sad part – today even Matt Damon demanded his money back.”

Governor Ballot Outdraws ‘Gigli’

August 6, 2003 – Jay Leno joked about the bomb opening for and Ben Affleck’s new movie ‘Gigli’ during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday, “More than 300 people are now prepared to file for governor of California. That’s more people than saw the movie ‘Gigli’ this weekend.”

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Pronounce ‘Gigli’?

  1. Ricardo_aka_RC says:

    ahahahahahah lollolol poor Jhoe…. the reason for the movie debut at #7 is because all of her ex boyfriends saw the movie in last weekend.

  2. Tig says:

    well, it’s a low-budget bad acted Porn film, Starring a “Low Life Tramp” and her heavily Mad-up Metro Sexual Lover

  3. weebongo says:

    Ha that’s actually true, Gigli is voted the worst movie ever at From Justin to Kelly was #1 till that came out. How sad to be voted the worst movie of all time.

  4. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Too bad she didn’t have an accompanying soundtrack. The flop would have been compounded then. This is what the b*tch gets for laughing publicly at Mariah’s breakdown. She has no class, no respect for anyone. If she were a decent person with SOME class and dignity, she wouldn’t have laughed at M like that. It made her look small. I can’t wait for her next Mariah knock-off to be released in May 2004. Has anyone heard that “Jersey Girl” is getting the “Gigli” treatment? They’ve already begun re-shooting scenes and reworking the dialogue. Test audiences hate it. Halle Berry was smart to pass up the “Gigli” role. She would have been in it had it not been for the “X-Men sequel”. Then again, had she been in “Gigli” it would have been an excellent film.

  5. NukeAshmore says:

    Yeah, because unlike J-Ho, Halle Berry can actually act, J-ho can’t act even if her life depended on it.

  6. rock_star says:

    Except for the fact that Gigli is getting knocked mostly for it’s offensive and downright childish writing and poor direction. Most critics and people alike are saying that Jennifer Lopez is the best part of the movie.

  7. shalayne says:

    Somebody with a brain should have known that if the public cant pronounce this stupid title of the movie, then it was going to be a flop for sure. I thought it was pronounced like “gig lee” or gigly like a silly little boy. What a stupid name for movie!

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