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I find it so interesting, and very ironic that two of the most successful women in the music industry are also two of the most heavily criticized and scrutinized women in the industry.

Everything from their music to their fashion choices is fair game when it comes to the criticism and it’s really sad, you’d think that after all they’ve been through, and all the years they’ve been in the industry that they wouldn’t have to deal with all the childish nonsense.

who’s a legend that has been in the industry for an amazing 23 years and has pushed boundaries, and has set standards for a whole generation of performers, gets treated on this website like she’s a newcomer that’s on the level of and Hilary Duff, and not the legendary performer that she is.

…and Mariah Carey, who’s also a legend that has been in the industry for 15 amazing years, has impressed many with her wide range and amazing pipes, and has inspired a generation of singers that if they believe, then anything is possible, yet she’s heavily criticized for her youthful wardrobe.

Both of these amazing women have sold well over 200 million albums, and are worth about a billion dollars combined, they’ve rightfully earned everything they have, because they’ve worked long and hard for it.

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