How Jennifer Lopez Really Feels About Marc Anthony’s Ex

Despite rumors is jealous of Marc Anthony’s first wife, Dayanara Torres, a friend says that’s the furthest thing from the truth. “She’s got good feelings for Dayanara and her sons, and hopes they’ll be close someday soon,” the friend tells In Touch magazine. “In Jennifer’s heart, she loves Marc’s kids as much as if they were her own.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Boat A Victim Of Hurricane Frances

11, 2004 – Jennifer’s boat, a $60,000 28ft Regal named “Don’t Ax,” was destroyed outside her home by Hurricane Frances in Miami Beach, Florida.

J.Lo’s Hex-Woman Revealed

September 11, 2004 – Makeup artist Scott Barnes, who was fired by after he was caught gossiping about her, told spies at Wednesday’s Fashion Rocks concert at Radio City Music Hall he “wasn’t through with Jennifer yet.” Barnes warned if Lopez bad-mouths him in the press, he said he will talk again to a magazine or write a book. A source told The New York Post: “He knows everything. He knows all about Jennifer and her faith healer [Merle Gonzalez]. After Ben [Affleck] left Jennifer, Merle went in to expel bad auras and cleanse her house. Merle also blessed the ‘Shall We Dance’ set and some people say Jennifer has had Merle put hexes on people she feels have done her wrong.”

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4 thoughts on “How Jennifer Lopez Really Feels About Marc Anthony’s Ex

  1. MillyaBella says:

    She is messing with the wrong religion to be using for hurtfulness against others! Lopez is do for a good KARMA BUTT KICKIN and lets be honest her ASS is HUGE it is going to be quite a show…..I’m gonna need popcorn!

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Can’t these people just grow up and stop making everything so dramatic? People get fired everyday and you don’t see them trying to “get back” at their bosses. It’s not like she fired him for no reason, if he got fired because of gossiping about her negatively for some reason than he deserved it.

    Well, even if she is, isn’t that a bit normal for her to be a bit jealous? There is nothing wrong with that if she is, I’m sure many women feel a bit uncomfortable about their husband’s ex wife (or ex wives). But hopefully that works out and they get along well.

  3. Candee says:

    Anyone who hates their boss and got fired for reasons they don’t agree with would want revenge. It’s human nature. With a boss as a celebrity it’s so much more easier and I don’t blame him. You can tell from a mile away that she’s a straight up bitch

    I agree. He’s a dope. Jennifer needs to start keeping her mouth shut with anyone who’s not a family member. Everyone is out to get her for her money or to use her for her celebrity. She needs some education on how to keep away from people who want to use her.

  4. Mable says:

    That’s bull!! Dayanara had just had Marc’s baby, and if J-Lo felt any type of love for Marc’s children, or any young children, she would have encouraged Marc to at least try to work things out with his wife, at least for the sake of his young children. But no. She was committing adultery with this married man, and had him fly to the Dominican Republic to divorce his wife, so he could marry her 4 days later. Does that sound like a woman who cares about young children?

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