How Jewel Is Dealing With Her Broken Leg

checked in with fans on official web site blog on Monday (March 23), talking about husband Ty Murray competing in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and how she’s been dealing with her leg fracture. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I have relaxed this week- shopped a little too. :) I have been pretty bad about taking care of my leg. I get embarrassed by the extra attention it draws to me, especially if I’m going somewhere by myself, and so I tried to go without it for a day. It felt ok all day, just a little painful- but that night it really started hurting. And at the house I don’t use my crutch, I kinda hobble around, which isn’t helping, so I have to try and be more strict about using it. The doctor said I can use a cane, so I may try that. It seems a little easier and less bulky, so we will see. I still can’t believe I broke my leg and it’s gonna be 6 more weeks at least until I’m all better. I keep thinking it will get better any day now. :)

The entire post at has since been removed.

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