How Lame Can You Get?

Many anti- fans are blaming Britney’s cancellation of her North American tour on poor ticket sales, a “hurt” knee, and just being tired and exhausted. Wow, people are even dumber than Britney herself! She injured her knee, you saw the pictures, you read it all over reliable magazines and TV talk shows (E!, Z100, Regis and Kelly, Access Hollywood, MTV, VH1, etc).

As a matter of fact, did cancel her tour because of poor ticket sales. If she had a vocal strain, it would not take her 3 months to recover, believe me! Britney underwent two surgeries. For goodness sakes, she had a floating cartilage (meaning dislocated knee cap). That happened to me when I played field hockey for my high school team, it took me 5 months to fully recover.

Bottom line, y’all know she is injured, not just injured, physically injured. Y’all know her entire show is based on dancing, not singing…so it makes sense to cancel it. She is known for dancing and entertaining theatrically, not vocally so I don’t even know why you bother to say “if she could sing, then she wouldn’t have to cancel her tour.” I bet Christina would’ve cancelled her tour also if she had a knee injury, she dances and she won’t just sit there and sing beautifully.

It’s all common sense, and you people are trying to say the dumbest things just to piss one another off. And I know is known for childish behavior, but wow. This one is so lame it’s not funny. Say whatever you want, you know you’re wrong.

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