How Long Does Adam Lambert’s Hair & Makeup Take?

Adam Lambert hands

Vevo did an “Ask:Reply” with Adam Lambert, where fans asked the ‘American Idol’ season eight runner-up about how long it takes him to prepare for a performance and who is responsible for his style. “I guess it depends on the performance,” Adam said of his prep time. “If we’re doing lots of glam and crazy makeup and hair, we like to take our time. Maybe an hour and a half, tops. Sometimes it’s a little more simple, and sometimes it only takes a half hour, 45 minutes.” Watch the video below.

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One thought on “How Long Does Adam Lambert’s Hair & Makeup Take?

  1. kitt says:

    That doesn’t seem like such a long time for applying full stage makeup. I have seen him on tour and it looks great! The more the better-er.

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