How Will Injuries Affect Madonna’s New Release?

In an exclusive statement to ‘Access Hollywood’, Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg of the singer’s horse riding accident: “It happened around 4 p.m. London time. is pretty banged up… Her new disc is due this November and she is set to tour next summer. It’s too soon to tell if the tour will be affected, but the press for the disc will definitely be affected.”

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7 thoughts on “How Will Injuries Affect Madonna’s New Release?

  1. RPL10991 says:

    is this washed up flop going to cancel because of some fake sickness? her back is too bad or something. just like floptina’s excuse when she really only could sell 30% of her tickets.

  2. Treggie250 says:

    no surely not’, ‘this couldn’t by any chance be a public stunt to get in the papers and get some coverage by any chance, u dried up old prune? I wouldn’t have thought Maddona would have used public stunts etc to get better record sales, ohh no wait that’s what she does every single bloody time, get a grip woman and make some real music, then you wont need to pull silly stunts, course with that voice its gotta be pretty hard!

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    Its just 3 cracked ribs, a collar bone, and a broken hand. Since she is in amazing shape I have head she will be fine with rest and therapy in a month or so.

  4. mandysdandy says:

    My god! She was only injured and is not dead. She’ll have plenty of time to recover and to promote this highly anticipated album. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. She’s working with great producers. It will be stunning.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Hopefully it’s not another load of crap. I’m waiting for it with the same’, ‘anticipation that I was waiting for Mariah’s. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.

  6. KAustin says:

    This event will hurt this CD more than anything. How can she do a video in this shape’, ‘or even promote it. I was looking forward to another tour as well. I am very sad that this has happened. She must be in a lot of pain as well. Maybe she will postpone the CD until she is fully recovered. That would suck but its understandable. I hope she recovers soon, and thank God she is still with us. We may not get a Madonna CD this year but at least we have a successful MC one. Yeah I said it… It would bother me if anything physically happened to either one of them.

  7. popfan_23 says:

    You are missing something, she’s 47, things aren’t so easy as you get older’, ‘yes physically she is in great shape, thaks to yoga and pilates, but age is also a factor here, and a broken hand and a broken collar bone is not a small thing either.

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