Howard Stern May Attend ‘A New Day’ While In Vegas

Howard Stern said on his morning show earlier today that he’s lining up tickets for the Celine Dion ‘A New Day…’ concert while in Las Vegas. He said his mother told him she can’t wait to see that show out there so he has to get tickets. He said he asked his mother who is better, Barbra Streissand or Celine Dion. He said she told him that Barbra is the Queen and Celine is great. When he asked her if she was saying Barbra was better she said there was no reason to compare the two of them. Howard said his father was complaining about how sings out of the side of her mouth. Artie Lange told Howard the only way he’s going to see Celine Dion is if she’s stripping at the local strip clubs. Howard said he’s not sure he can sit through a Celine Dion show. He said it might be funny to see him there but he’s not sure he can last long. Gary Dell’Abate told him what he’s in for and how he’s going to have to sit through a lot of crap.

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