Howard Stern Unimpressed With Britney Spears

On his radio show this morning, Howard Stern brought up and how she’s doing concerts for Clear Channel, his arch nemesis after they dumped his show from their stations. Howard complained the Britney is cursing and using the S-word during her concert where kids are watching. He said he doesn’t have a problem with cursing but people are worried about their kids all the time and they’re letting their kids see that stuff. Stern then played a couple of clips from Britney’s show and talked about how bad she really is. Howard was told that she only sang on about 3 or 4 songs and lip-synced to the rest of them. Britney has also started changing around her hit songs making them unrecognizable. He played a couple of examples of that and they’re horrible. The guys then talked about how unlistenable the songs were.

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