Howard Stern Unimpressed With ‘Imitator’ Madonna

Howard Stern said on his radio show this morning that he was listening to tape of on Late Show with David Letterman and she seemed to be doing the same thing Howard did last week. Howard got Dave to talk about his girlfriend and his baby and Madonna asked him the same basic questions about him getting married and going to PTA meetings exactly like Howard did. Howard said she was all proud of herself even though she doesn’t have an original thought in her fat head. He pointed out that Madonna has a kid from a guy she didn’t marry. Howard then goofed on her phony accent. Madonna says that she doesn’t watch TV with her daughter, she only watches movies and DVDs. She told Dave that her daughter Lourdes is going to a convent school in Ireland. Howard and Robin Quivers seem to think that she’s going to be one messed up child. Howard couldn’t get over the phony accent she puts on and wondered where that comes from. Howard called Madonna ”an asses ass” after hearing some of the stuff she was saying about her daughter.

Talks About Her New Children’s Book

November 12, 2003 – was on hand at the Montclair Kimberly Academy, where she stopped by the New Jersey schoolhouse to read from her new children’s book, ‘Mr. Peabody’s Apples.’ The book is a story about the dangers of gossip, and Madonna tells ‘Extra’ that it is a lesson she struggled with herself. She says, “I think all of us gossip. It’s in our nature.”

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