Howie D. And Joey Fatone Playfully Bust Each Other’s Balls

Contributed by elgato:

Howie appeared on Los Angeles radio station KIIS 102.7 FM on December 19th. According to fan and listener DawnJElmer, Howie said he was spending the holidays in Florida with his family. JoJo, the DJ, said he wanted to have a song on the new Backstreet Boys album and Nsync album. Howie reiterated that BSB are back together and will start recording on January 10th. told Howie that he had someone on the line that wanted to talk to him; it was of Nsync. The two talked about recording and shared a few laughs. Joey playfully gave Howie a hard time about how BSB beat Nsync “to the punch with recording next year & that BSB was always beating them with everything.” Howie playfully shot back and said something about how BSB focuses on music but haven’t put out anything for the past 3 years while Nsync tends to focus on putting out ‘stuff’ (i.e. dolls, lip balm, merchandise, DVDs). Howie also confirmed that BSB are once again managed by Johnny Wright. He acknowledged that Nsync are still managed by him as well, and said that maybe the two groups can do something together in the future. Read more.

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