Howie D. Comments On Backstreet Break

Crazy4_BSB_Bone from the Forum at summarized Howie Dorough’s appearance on Japanese radio from August 26th. In her translated summary, she says, “He appeared on Japanese radio, then he sang ‘Show Me What You Got’ in the radio. He talked about Bratz, DLF event, new album of BSB, and his solo album. There was DLF event [on the] 30th. He sang ‘What Makes You Different’ and ‘Spanish Eyes’ first. And he did some interviews, fans asked him questions. He talked about his solo, b-day, and the last film he watched, when did he go to in Japan…. and BSB! He [said] ‘BSB don’t break. We need rest for BSB continue [for a] long time.’ After that he sang 2 songs with Pollyanna: ‘Fly to Heaven’ and ‘We Will Meet Again’. Then only she sang ‘Don’t Wanna Live My Life Without You’. They had auction also and it was really unbelievable! A ticket for an hour with Howie for about $7000! This is Dinner with Howie, can become his manager!) The end, he sang ‘How did I fall in love with you’ and his solo song (It’s new!! Maybe the song included in his debut solo album). It was so beautiful song! After DLF event, there was dinner party and lunch party with Howie. We could hug, take pictures, talk with Howie. His family so friendly to fans. He appear as special guest in Japanese open air concert tonight. Howie was VERY cute,cool and gentle! I love him.”

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6 thoughts on “Howie D. Comments On Backstreet Break

  1. babet says:

    I guess it’s cool that he’s working with international artists. boa’s the best!

  2. Stallion says:

    I think it is cool that Howie is moving on since the Backstreet Boys are over.

  3. mharinck says:

    “…..since the Backstreet Boys are over” Since when exactly ‘did’ the Backstreet Boys are over?!?? Besides, did you read carefully da part what he said about the BSB?? Anyway, I really can’t wait Howie 4 your album 2 come out…… :)

  4. Stallion says:

    ^Backstreet Boys has been over. Ever since they release that AWFUL third album

    Can’t wait for the next N’sync album coming out next year

  5. mharinck says:

    Of course, N’sync has been over 4 a long time now wHoRe ever since that ‘awful’…..what you call that album? …..oh, celebrity album!!!!! What a joke? …..sad fans!!! :((

    What a sad fan stalliwHoRe r?!?? See…..he can’t wait to buy the next N’sync album but how could he…..N’sync is already over as in finished and done!!!! Don’t worry wHoRe, you ‘still’ had Britney..

  6. eve_cutebsbfan says:

    I wish I was in Japan and could see him! I love him so much! GO HOWIE!!

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