Howie D Invites Hungry Fans Into TRL Green Room

Andre Sosnowski, Production Assistant on MTV’s Total Request Live recounted star Howie Dorough’s visit on April 25th. Sosnowski writes in the TRL diary, “Well, the weather in NYC was quite nasty today, which can be good or bad for our outside audience. The rain helped a singing Santa and the entire outside audience get into the MTV studios. Howie D. was nice enough to allow the outside audience to chill out in the green room and munch down on his food. What you guys at home didn’t see on camera was the soaking-wet outside audience devouring all of Howie’s food. I was told by another TRL staffer that they didn’t stop eating until all of his backstage munchies were gone. This is a fair warning to all TRL guests – if you invite audience members into your green room, you might have to hire extra security to guard your eats.”

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