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BSBmuse fromt he Backstreet Boys forum at posted a transcript of on JoJo’s 9 @9 Countdown from last week. In the interview, Howie said he was going to spend Thanksgiving in Orlando. JoJo said he sees a lot of celebrities doing charity work for good PR, but Howie is one who is actually committed. Howie replied, “The only PR is the Puerto Rican in me. And that’s about it.” They talked about the Lupus cruise for awhile. Howie said he’s getting Brian and Leighanne sleeping pills now that they have a child. The breakup rumors surrounding Nick’s solo album didn’t surprise Howie or the other guys. He said they got a taste of the same thing when AJ did his Johnny No Name project. He finished by saying that the Backstreet Boys are writing and recording demos for the new album which will come out after AJ’s wedding, followed by a worldwide tour beginning in the summer. Read on for a full transcript.

Transcript of Howie D on KIIS-FM Los Angeles11/26/02

This is from JoJo Wright’s show on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles on November 26, 2002 (7pm to 11pm Pacific time)

Howie’s segment started at 9pm.



JoJo: Any plans for Thanks giving that you got going on?

Howie: I actually going back home to Orlando tomorrow, to be with my family and spend the holidays there.

J: Who does the cooking?

H: My mom does a little spanish turkey, a little beans and rice, con pollo and a lot of good stuff.

J: What in a spanish turkey? What makes it different from traditional stuffing, dressing, etc.

H: It’s this one seasoning called Adobo. It’s a spanish seasoning. I don’t know what’s in it. What dirty spices are in it, but it tastes so good. It makes everything taste great. To eggs , to chicken, what ever you want, makes it taste all good. It all tastes a like after awhile though.

J: I only met your mom just one time. Maybe someday we’ll have her cook something. That sounds good

H: It’s not bad we have a big nice little spanish…my dad’s is scottish irish So it’s an interesting combination of food that come to my house. Between the spanish and the irishness

J: Oh nice Guys, he’s here in the studio, hangin out. We’re going to talk a little BSB info.Of course he’s the man that is the most giving fund raiser that I’ve every met, a lot of good ppl, and Howie does it up right.

H: Thank you, Thank you

{I got side tracked and did not get this part on tape. Howie’s taking about the Lupus Cruise}

J: Let me set you up with a real nice intro here dude. I see a lot of ppl at fund raisers and they do it for basically good P.R. Which there is nothing wrong with that. Then I see some ppl that are commiitted to their causes. I can’t name them specifically, except for one, the guy in front of me. Howie D, The Lupus fund raising type mission your on. It’s a life long thing or will be a life long thing until they find a cure. Then I assume your focus will change your focus to have everyone have access to this cure. So much love for Howie D for this life long pursuit…

H: The only PR is the Puerto Rican in me. And that’s about it.

J: Big Stud..What can you say about this cruise? This is a big deal. This is a family vacation tyoe thing? It’s not a drop a buck in a bucket and bail. This is something cool. And the fact that Howie D is there. As an extra added bonus.

H: Yeah. It a week long cruise. It starts Dec. 15th and goes to Dec. 22nd. It leaves from Miami. Fla.
It goes down to Puerto Rico, my mom’s hometown there, then we go to St. Martin and St. Thomas and St John’s. it’s a 7 day cruise and on that cruise The fans pretty much everybody have a good chance to get up there with me. We do auctions, we have a lot of items from past BSB tours and items that have been donated to me from other artist out there as well. I do a little variety show, together with my sister Pollyanna. We sing some stuff.

J: Will this be this be on the Howie D Love Boat? (The Love Boat them starts playing in the background)
(Both are laughing)

H: and we have excursions and a trip out to a private beach and have a private beach party and the fans get to hang with me in a totally different limelight besides doing the Backstreet thing. Just a chance for them to come hangout with me, as well as a good family vacation. I think I do it every year with my family and we have a great time.

J: So the whole crew goes with ya and …

H: the whole Dorough family is down there

J: That’s kinda cool. That’s kinda cool. Dude How long have you done this?

H: This is our third year with Carnival cruises

J: And how do they get in touch with your crew to like to jump on the boat and pay the money and all the fees and all the money goes to a tax deductable donation, so tell dad, that. Do you go to a website…

H: We have and that gives them all the information. We’re partnered up with a travel agency up in Canada, called Planet Travels and it will give them all the numbers you can book up to the day of the event.So it gives some ppl some time to

J: Spell that out for me dude. Before we go into O-town

H: he repeats and spells out the website again.

{I’m summarizing the NY phone call. Basically. Howie says they’ll be back on tour next year “and they’ll be busy again”.}

{Then a call from Corrina in Gardenia, she asked Howie if he had any solo plans like Nick?}

H: No, actually right now my energy is all focused and channeled into doing another Backstreet Boys album. We’re letting nick, he came to us and asked about doing a separate project and we all supported him. And now he feeling that he wants to get back in as things are settling down with his record. So we’re gonna do another album and we’re gonna get back in the studio. So hopefully we’ll be busy on tour with an album out. You know and maybe eventually down the line we’ll all do some individual stuff, but right now we’re all focusing our energy on doing the next album.

J: Was it way blown out of proportion when “Hey Nick wanted to do solo? And everybody assuming that ”Oh Jesus they’re breaking up!” And it probably wasn’t anywhere close to that I assume right?.

H: Yeah…We assumed that that would probably happen. As soon one of us decided to do something individually. AJ kind gave a little taste of that with doing his Johnny No Name.

J: AJ’s got issues.

H: AJ’s got issues? (They’re laughing)

J: What’s up dude? Hope he’s listening!

H: And then we have the lastest newest addition to the group. BRIAN”S BABY WAS JUST BORN TODAY. He’s got a baby boy. ( Baby crying sound effects in the background)

J: Everything is health and all that stuff?

H: As far as I know.

J: We have to give some love to Brian and his new baby boy congratulations (applause) And probably someone else needs a little love too… she did the work

H: as well his beautiful wife Leighanne. God Bless them.

J: That’s the first backstreet baby

H: Yup the first one out.

J: OMG! Do you know what your gonna get for him as a baby present? Do ya know?

H: I’m gonna get him some, Brian first of all a nice Cohebar(sp?) cigar, then some sleep pills, he’ll probably be needing them after a couple of nights and giving a little time off for the next album.(laughing)

{They took a caller. And she thanked Howie for the Dorough Lupus Bears that have helped her since she’s been in and out of the hospital this year. And they talked about the ebars and other tax deductable items at Dorough Lupus. She gave an elephant to his mom and Howie was happy surprised that she had called. He started to talk about how agreat His mom was and how he collected elephant for her, but now doesn’t have to look as hard because fans started to “find them” for him.}

J: I got a question about your house down in Florida. I saw you on MTV Cribs. What a sweet place, dude.

H: Thank you, thank you very much. (background “OOO” and “Ahh’s”)

{Basically, they addressed the fireplace issue with Howie’s brother being a peeping tom. Howie is talking to contractors to put a mesh screen up so his brother can’t see into his bedroom. }

J: What did I forget to ask you? About the next Backstreet pandamonium?

H: Okay

J: Your Lupus fund raiser. What else should I ask you?

H: Acting on the side, that would be considered a solo project.

FC: We know that JoJo has a toe fetish, but do you have a fetish?

H: What is my fetish? I don’t really have one to much , I ‘d have to say french fries. Which isn’t doing me any good it hasn’t been helping me for a year since I’m off tour. I’ve been getting an extra spare tire around my stomach. I can’t help it with french fries

J: We’ll have some BSB fans chase you around the city…

H: There ya go.

J: What where you telling me about Nick being a prankster dude? And what did he do to your dad? is this for real?

H: This is for real. Nick is always getting us to try different things and he always has an experiment project. He always loved giving me sour candy to try. He loved this store called Spencers. And he bought all the gags they had and pulled them on all of us. He put itching powder on Kevin and gave me gum that made my mouth blue. And one day it was so sad, I couldn’t believe it, and I felt bad because I kinda knew what he was gonna do something. I was in on it. I didn’t tell you this part, but my dad took us out fishing. And Nick gave my dad candy that had fish guts in it. And the bad part is my dad just chomped down on it and didn’t even flinch. We got Nick back once really good. We put itching powder in these little underswears that he wears. Nick’s not listening. Hopefully, not. And he had an interesting show that night. It wasn’t real fish guts, but simulated fish guts. What’s nastier is my dad liked it.

{Howie reads a Radio Shack commercial.}

JoJo wraps up the interview talking about Dorough Lupus….the cruise and the variety show.
And Howie heard JC’s cut last night.

J: Give me the plans for Backstreet. Your working on the material, what the process, where is the material at? Where does it have to go to before it’s released?

H: We’re just doing a lot of writing right now. Finalizing some songs and doing demos. And noe that Brian has had his baby…he has time to get used to…

J: now that Brian has had his baby..will Backstreet have a sixth member?

H: Ah, maybe if we need a an extra high harmony (baby girgling in the background) There some competition in there for me there though. Just joking.

J: So your writing then when do you hope the album will be out?

H: I’m hoping, realistically, by the time AJ gets married, which will be in February. Which we’re excited about as well. Shortly after that we’ll have the album out. Then a tour around summer time.

J: So all the madness startin up again

H: Yup

J: Howie it’s been a pleasure having you back.

H: I appreciate it

J: When ever you want to come hangout you let me know.

{Howie ends up reading some dedications because he was still there}

H: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

J: Happy Thanksgiving!! Howie, brother thanks for hanging out dude

H: My pleasure, always.

Source: BSBmuse from the BSB Forum @ LD

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