Howie Dorough Hits Boston Children’s Hospital To Talk Lupus

The Backstreet Boys’ was in Boston on Sunday spending time at the Boston Children’s Hospital to talk to patients about Lupus.

Howie was also promoting a new alliance between the Caroline Dorough-Cochran Lupus Memorial Foundation he founded after his sister died from the disease, and Veritas Medicine, a Web site that provides information on clinical trials and treatment for lupus and more than 50 other diseases.

Howie told the Associated Press, “It just brings a good feeling to my heart to come back out here and visit these sometimes-sick patients and bring a little happiness to their lives.”

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3 thoughts on “Howie Dorough Hits Boston Children’s Hospital To Talk Lupus

  1. Chippy says:

    I’m very glad your doing this Lupus foundation. See I have Lupus and I no how annoying it is to have this disease. I’m very sorry about loosing your sister in the past. When I found out about this information I got tears. Keep up the good work, Your sister would be very proud of what your doing right now.

  2. howie dorough soooo sexy says:

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  3. howie dorough soooo sexy says:

    Ok bye bye love PDA forever……………

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