Howie Talks About Latin Billboard Awards And Future

Contributed by elgato:

According to, recently did an interview (at the Billboard Latin Music Awards) where he talked about the new Backstreet Boys album and expressed interest in a solo album. During a break from the Latin Music conferences organized by Billboard Magazine, Dorough said during the time while the pop group is taking a break, he has dedicated his time and energy to promote the (DLF) via artistic events. He said that on June 20, he will hold a concert in Orlando, Florida, with a team that includes Tito Nieves, Carlos Ponce, and Jon Secada. “It will be something more Latino than last year’s, because I am Latino,” he said. Regarding the time the Backstreet Boys will take to prepare new material, he prefers not to give a precise date for the release of the next CD. In other things, Dorough isn’t hiding his wish to record a solo CD and he will contribute self-written material, but here also he wasn’t very clear about when it would be completed.

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