Howie Talks Solo/BSB Albums At Wango Tango 2003

Contributed by elgato:

SweetDfan at says, “Howie showed up at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango today, just a brief appearance to introduce Daniel Bedingfield. But while talking with he said that to ‘bridge the gap’ between now and when the group records again (though he didn’t say when that would be), he’s decided to put out a solo album, ‘sort of an English/Spanish, Enrique Iglesias/ thing’ he said. And he said ‘I’ll be shaking my bon bon!’ I didn’t catch an estimated arrival date on it if he said one. JoJo said he would be in-studio to talk about it but I didn’t catch the day for sure. I thought he said Wednesday, but I could be wrong so I’m gonna check into that.”

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