Hubby Encourages Christina Aguilera To Show Off Her Body

Christina Aguilera laying down

The Sun reports ’s hubby Jordan Bratman is confident enough about their marriage that he encourages her to be more risqué. “That’s the great thing about my husband,” she explained. “He’s so secure within himself that he would never, ever even be concerned with that. He’s always saying to me that he thinks it’s great what I do artistically, and he’s happy to let everyone see. He’s right behind me, supporting every pelvic thrust. Sometimes he’ll even say to me: ‘Why are you covering up? You’re sexy, show it off’.”

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2 thoughts on “Hubby Encourages Christina Aguilera To Show Off Her Body

  1. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    Well he the only who want to see she nasty self wit she big fake, breasts. And he look like godzilla-guy is truly hideous. Those two deserve each other.

  2. Potrzebie says:

    sounds like the kind of guy who will make videotapes of their sex sessions. And if (maybe I should say when) they split up, he could make them available.

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