‘Hung Up’ Debut Date Announced

This news about the new single and album is just in from .com:

A few weeks ago Madonna.com reported that ‘Hung Up’ is going to be the first single off the new album. We are now happy to tell you that ‘Hung Up’ will debut at radio on October 17th! Not only that, but Madonna.com is pleased to announce the release date for Madonna’s new All Dance Album. Madonna fans all over the world can rejoice, because the album release date is currently scheduled for November 15, 2005! Put your dancing shoes on and plan a date with your best friends to the clubs, because October & November are going to rule!

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10 thoughts on “‘Hung Up’ Debut Date Announced

  1. divinah says:

    [Homer Simpson style]: Borrring….’, ‘Isn’t this exactly what happened several years back before that much-hated “American Life” record was released…too much hype. And then, when it did finally came out, everyone got pissed because (1) the album sucked bigtime and (2) the boring songs in it were very anti-American. The exact same thing will happen with this snoozefest of a record. People are simply tired of Madonna and nobody really ever liked her in the first place. Not dissing anyon, just keeping it real.

  2. TiggerBoi26 says:

    Nothing on that CD was anti-american. Don’t judge something you clearly don’t own.’, ‘Your not keeping anything real, your really making a complete fool of yourself as usual. Madonna did very little hype for her last album. And it still sold over 7 million and had 4 or 5 hit singles and 4 #1 dance singles/maxi-singles. Your just helping Madonna sell even more by spreading lies and baseless nonsense.

  3. KAustin says:

    I can’t wait to get this album, I am sure it will be another #1 album for Madonna.

    Boy your very envious of Madonna, can’t miss a post without bashing her.’, ‘You must lead a very dull life if all you can do is take a pop at someone who is a living legend. Madonna is an Icon. No matter how many times you raid a post about her, and say something untrue. It only benefits her in the long run. So have fun at it, people are not as stupid as you lead your self to think. Millions love Madonna as an artist and that will continue regardless of your point of view.

  4. PopRocks says:

    So looking forward to buying this, wished it was out now, hate waiting!

  5. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Madonna needs to stop trying to be profound…’, ‘AL did suck, especially the single of the same name. She was making light of the American way of life, the negative parts of it, anyway. The entire album was very anti-American, and back then people weren’t too fond of any anti-American messages. Madonna thought she could get away with it because she’s Madonna, but, the public called her ass out on it and refused to support that album.

  6. Babar says:

    American Life sucked? Clearly u cannot appreciate a masterpiece.’, ‘That album is incredibly beautiful, my favorite Madonna album to date. And for somebody who can bash a criticized album, do remember ur idol (who is mine too) gave 2 critical and commercial bombs in music alone in a space of less than 2 years, let alone a movie we all want to forget. And then we are all decided on the fact that Charmbracelet was a great album, well so was American Life.

    Can’t Wait.’, ‘American Life was wonderfully deep and beautifully slow paced, smooth and soft. And if there’s anybody who can give an album entirely different yet just as great, its Madonna. Can’t wait.

  7. ihateoreilly says:

    You can dislike American Life all you want..it is not a bad record. However, the album was FAR from being Anti-American. It’s amazing how so many people took the song “American Life” so literally. It was just a silly pop song.

    Perhaps the public reacted to hype. Please listen to the album if you are going to call it anti american. It’s not even ABOUT America.

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    Well, American Life sucked. In my opinion so did Music. But if Madonna goes back to the dance music then I’m with her every step of the way. The girl has done what she’s wanted to do throughout her long career, never compromising her artistic integrity (though using way too many publicity stunts to promote herself) and I can appreciate that. I wish she’d just release it and get it over and done with though, the wait can kill some of the excitement.

  9. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Her music career is ‘Hung Up”, ‘This album will not get played on American radio- US radio stations almost never play dance music.

  10. KAustin says:

    I own this album, and there is nothing anti-american, your only listening to some’, ‘stupid liar trying to make Madonna look bad. Madonna loves and respects this country. She has always said that. Just because Madonna uses her rights to free speach, a bunch of communist like you try to shut her up and say she is anti-american, the only ones here anti-American are the ones who try to shut others up with pure LIES.

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