I Actually Miss Britney Spears!

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I thought that with new crop of bitches like and Lindsay Lohan or goody two shoes like Hillary Duff and JoJo, and divas like Mariah Carey and making their comeback, anyone would still remember Britney Spears. Sure enough, Christina Aguilera is releasing a new album and I am pretty sure she will try to outdo Britney one way or the other, and that would bring the Britney name back into prominence again.

So, I was driving the other day and the DJ talked about and how he used to hate how she sounded until she released, “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” and he played the song later. For the first time, I took noticed of the song’s lyrics and Britney’s voice. And I was quite shocked to admit that she was good. The lyrics were thoughtful and clever and her voice was warm and quite powerful.

And then I truly began to notice how diverse her music is and how she has helped shape what is pop music today. “Baby One More Time” is a classic, and to think that it was offered to TLC in the first place. Songs like “Everytime” and “I am a slave for you” are still constantly played, and of course, her biggest hit to date, “Toxic”. Everyone took a little from her, from the obvious copying of Christina Aguilera to the more subtle ones like Jewel and even Janet Jackson..

I miss Britney Spears and I wonder how she’s going to sound like in her next album. I downloaded the song, “Mona Lisa” which was supposed to be featured in her album. It was a haunting number, a far cry from “Toxic” Just hope that she will put herself fully and come back with a classic album.

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One thought on “I Actually Miss Britney Spears!

  1. notAhater says:

    I agree with this post and that people need to stop takin their lil smack on *BRITNEY* cuz there all jealous of her and her richness! obviously ppl care and lyk her bcuz she is always on the SPOTLIGHT~ unlike ms bit(hy Aguliera WHO only gets attention when she talks about SPEARS~!~ I cant wait until she comes out with another album 2~!!~

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