I Blame Coco Album Won’t Be A Ska Record

Coco Sumner of checked in with fans on their official web site on Thursday (November 26), discussing her gig for Jo Wiley’s Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel and what not to expect from her new album. Sting’s daughter writes:

On a more musical note I’ve noticed a few people talking about me recording a ska/reggae record in Jamaica. Just to put the record straight I wrote and recorded the album in Sweden – far from Jamaica and much colder! I know I did a couple of 7 inches last year which were pretty ska (‘I Blame Coco’ and ‘Darkstar’) but it’s not going to be a ska record either… I’m not really sure how to describe it – maybe you can be the judge of that?!

The entire message at iblamecoco.co.uk has since been removed.

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