I Don’t Like The New Christina Aguilera Attitude

Contributed Anonymously:

When first came out I loved her. She was very nice, and sang her heart out. She was overall a very sweet lovable girl. But now she seems so full of herself. I mean, she always looks like she has an attitude on her, even without saying a word. She walks with this chip on her shoulder constantly. Even look at when she came to award shows a few years back. She was smiling and waving to the cameras and looked excited to be there.

Now when she goes to award shows she does those fake smiles where she tries to look sexy to the camera. Kind of like how Paris Hilton does. She poses with all these fake faces to the camera. When years ago Christina looked happy and excited to be there. You can tell in her voice during her interviews on the red carpet too. She was very cheery and happy and laughing. Now when she is interviewed on the red carpet she seems so serious all the time. And not excited at all. Plus she has talked bad about so many other artists in magazines for publicity. She’s become an overall diva. Voice and music, and slutty clothes aside.

Her PERSONALITY changed. I never was into the fake squeaky clean image thing, and to me Christina never really had that. She was polite and nice down to earth, yet confident in herself. Now she acts like she is this huge star, and had this big ego all the time. Even the way she talks changed. Like now she talks with this ghetto accent, when before she sounded like a white valley girl. My point is not to bash her.

I am saying that I missed the old Christina, the non glamed up “superstar” Christina. Fame and celebrity has hit her and it so obviously shows. Mariah and Whitney are like that too. But the thing about them is they are icons who have been around for 15 years. Christina has been around what 5 years? And already she acts like miss superstar. I dislike her attitude and the cruel things she says about other celebrities who don’t do anything to her. She has become a b*tch basically.

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