I Have A New Found Respect For Older Pop Artists

Contributed anonymously:

I have always been the first one to admit I have made my fair share of disses on people such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera all the pop stars of the 90’s. Hell even Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson, whom I hated with a passion. While I still don’t like their music I seriously have a new found respect for all of them. Now days it makes me sick to see who the media is focusing on and who is getting all this attention. People like who make 2 crappy movies that go unrecognized yet is so popular due to her partying and link to every man in Hollywood. Let’s be real for one moment we all know the only reason she even got parts in movies like “Mean Girls” was due to her constant media attention. They knew it would sell if she were in it. People like Nicole Richie who’s really only known for how skinny she is, let’s not forget who is known for being easy…and apparently now racist.

At least people like Christina and Britney they WORKED to get where they are. Not only that but they weren’t getting publicity for partying and being Beverly Hills snobs. Of course Britney is now getting media coverage for her crazy behavior but this is way after her career exploded. She may not be a good singer, hell her songs may be pop crap but she flew to stardom due to her performances and songs. Not because she got drunk every night with Paris Hilton and slept with every man in the west coast.

It makes me ill to see what America is looking up to these days. These girls who do nothing with their lives but enter rehab before the age of 21 and are late to their jobs because of late night partying. How about stealing someone else’s boyfriend? Really great way to become famous. People now are being famous just for the sake of being famous. People like have ruined their career before it even started due to her overexposure and horrible behavior. I do not get WHY these girls are even being broadcast? Who actually likes/respects these people?

I never ever thought I’d see the day where I am begging for Christina, Britney, Avril, Ashlee to come back and kick these girls out of the spotlight. They want nothing but drama and feud with each other to get it. When will this obsession with useless whores stop? I think it’s time people really do something to keep these bitches from even getting the attention they do NOT deserve.

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