I Know Who Killed Lindsay Lohan’s Career

Entertainment Weekly spoke with several studio execs about where Lindsay Lohan’s career stands at the moment following two DUI arrests this year and a string of box office flops.

“Her troubles are what made her famous,” one studio exec remarked. “Her films don’t open. She’s a pain to work with. I think she’s done.”

But while many have thrown in the towl on the 21-year-old, James Robinson, the producer of ‘Georgia Rule’ who famously scolded Lohan is still a supporter. “She’s a good person who’s making some bad choices,” he said. “She needs time to get the proper medical care, [but] when she’s in the right emotional state, I’d put her in a movie right away…. She’s probably one of the most talented young women in the movie business today.”

Artie Lange Serves Advice For

TMZ caught up with Artie Lange in Las Vegas at Beacher’s Madhouse over the weekend, where he bestowed some invaluable advice for the 21-year-old regarding her two DUI arrests, including this little nugget; “Stay away from getting a bad line of coke that will make your heart explode.”

Video at TMZ.com ha since been removed.

Lindsay Courts For Songwriting Help, Or Fabrication?

reportedly phoned Fergie two days before she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence last week asking the Black Eyed Peas singer to write a song for her upcoming album. Fergie’s mother Terri Jackson says, “Lindsay called Fergie just two days before (her arrest) and told her that she really loved her song ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’. Lindsay wanted Fergie to write her a song.” While the story has been posted at several secondary news outlets and blogs, there is no original source cited, and given the recent fake Lindsay myspace had that song playing on her profile, this story was probably fabricated.

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