I Met Britney Spears At Busby’s

Contributed Anonymously:

I was in Santa Monica with my friends the other night and we decided to check out Busby’s bar. After getting settled, in I noticed a familiar face. It belonged to none other then Britney Spears. I told my friends and they were pretty shocked to see her there too. I decided to see if she could be so kind to sign an autograph for me. I walked over to her table and politely asked. She smiled and asked me for a pen. She signed my napkin and I said thanks. I didn’t want to leave. She fascinated me. So I quickly told her, “You’ve been looking really nice lately, I prefer the brunette look on you.” She said, “Aww thank you. That’s so sweet.” Then I blurted out, “Is it ok If I ask one more question?” She said go for it, so I did. I asked her she planned on doing another album. She said she’s in the process of recording and she just wanted to be leisure and make this project her best yet. I thanked her and wished her the best of luck. She smiled back and said have a nice night. I have to say, I was rather shocked how nice she was. She was such a sweetheart. I didn’t want to ask her about any of this baby business because I, unlike others, didn’t want to intrude.

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