I Was A Cub Scout Check In From European Tour

I Was A Cub Scout sent out the following message to their MySpace friends (@iwasacubscout) on Monday (November 26):

Hello all!

Just an update from the world of IWACS!

The last week has been real cool. Last Sunday we did the new video for ‘ Squaresm’ and from what we have seen, it looks amazing. Thank you to Bugsy and Ross at One in Three.

We then went off into Europe on Monday to start the Minus The Bear tour. We have sessioned Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and played in Germany last night, before one more week in Germany, and then back to sunny UK!!

The Minus The Bear boys are real nice and we are having such a fun time watching a bad of this caliber every night.

If you have come to the shows, thank you! It’s always nice to see that a few people are familiar with what we are doing.

I hope everyone is well, details of UK tour and States visit coming soon!

William and Todd


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