I Wish I Could Figure All Of You Out!!

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

Yes, I’m going on a rant. I just can’t figure most of you out. You make up completely childish nicknames for each other (and me for that matter) as well as the artists discussed on this freakin’ site. You can’t agree on anything anymore, and I find it really sad. With all the Christina v. Britney essays the last couple of days (all written by the same person….it’s obvious), I’m going crazy. Now that I have Backstreet to focus on, I could care less what happens with either of the girls, although, I look forward to hearing what Chris has been working on.

You guys just don’t get it do you? NUMBERS DO NOT MAKE A PERSON AN ARTIST and LACK OF NUMBERS DO NOT MAKE AN ARTIST A FLOP. Now, when you have never been an artist OR a singer and your sales drop off….flop could totally be used. How many times do we have to say it? RESPECT AND CREDIBILITY matter more than anything!!! Trophies? I don’t think I’d think it an honor to get any accolade from any of the award shows these days because they’ve all become too commercial; well, all but the Country Music Association Awards held in November each year. It is all about how much respect you get from your peers, and how much credibility you have with them. How do you get that?

TALENT!!! You write your own music (or at the very least co-write MOST of it), you sing your own songs (SING…not mime, SING!!), you keep your personal life out of the headlines each week (the occasional headline is one thing….but to be publicized because all you do is draw negative attention to yourself….sick!!)… We all know which one of the two gals I prefer and why; I’ve made it no secret.

And while I have your attention…No more “ a Star” essays. She’s famous…no doubt. But would any of YOU want to be known for NOTHING more than a sick, twisted sex tape from back in the day? I’m sorry, but I’d want to EARN my work, and let my WORK earn me my star status. This girl is such a poor excuse for a human being, and anyone who would call her a WOMAN obviously needs help.

Why can’t you kids put your efforts into something of value? Notice that I’ve been kind of quiet lately….for the most part, and I’ve been fairly respectful as of late (FOR THE MOST PART!!) It is because a group worthy of my time has come back into the spotlight and I’m putting my efforts into getting through the next month and a week or so… Go help your mothers do something, or help a little old lady across the street, or write to your congressman about tighter security around our borders here in the US…SOMETHING!! You really look pathetic these days…even more so than ever. GROW UP….hell, even Britney seems to be taking some strides to do that…why can’t you?

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