Ice-T Offers Advice To Michael Jackson

Rod Harmon of Knight Ridder Newspapers spoke with Ice-T and asked the rapper/actor about the woes of Michael Jackson and his battle against Sony Music amidst charges of racism. “Honestly, I think what happened with Michael Jackson is that he’s kept so much to himself to make himself an oddity, that it’s hard for people to grab hold of him the way we grabbed hold of him in our day,” he explained. “It’s really a message to all of us that if you’re in this business, and you’re not selling the numbers they want you to, they will drop you.” Ice suggested, “You gotta reproduce yourself; you gotta come again and get in the groove. Your name is not what sells records. Hot records sell records. I’m going to put out a record that’s so hot this year, people are going to say, ‘Oh, that’s Ice?!!'”

Jacko Turns Personal Beef Into Potentially Explosive Ethnic Issue

August 8, 2002 – Lloyd Williams of The Black World Today opined on the Michael Jackson comments made against Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola weeks ago. Williams called Jacko’s charges of racism by Mottola “a particularly nutty suggestion when it’s the lighter party who’s claiming to be black.” Williams added, “Nobody’s lily-white here. Sony is a Japanese company. Mariah Carey is half-black and half-white. Michael has a couple of bi-racial kids. Tommy Mottola is darker than Jackson, whose lifelong hobby was turning himself white. Talk about pathology. So, I’m not gullible enough to fall for the incendiary racial angle, even though the music industry has an ugly legacy of exploiting African-American musicians. Go ask Little Richard about that, not wacko Jacko.”

Michael Jackson Takes Six Kids On Vegas Museum Tour

August 7, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Michael and six sleepy-eyed youngsters were given a 2 a.m. private museum tour at The Venetian of the Guggenheim Las Vegas and the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum. Jackson led the kids, including his own son, through the rare motorcycles and artworks for almost an hour.

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