Iconoclast: The Significance Of Mariah Carey’s 17th #1

So there we have it: ’s 17th #1! This achievement in music is very significant on so many levels:

1. Here in Popdirt.com — and in the US music scene — it will forever silence the Madonna versus Mariah debate. Who cares about the World Charts (is there even such a thing, by the way?)? Who cares about iTunes and the charts in Third World countries? Whether we like it or not, it’s still the US that calls the shots, and anything is NOT significant unless it is #1 in the US. We don’t see it in the news when Madonna hit #1 in the UK, but it IS a big deal when a musician accomplish something in the US. Face it.

Also, the once seeimingly-invincible Madonna has been defeated by a Mariah Carey! This was predictable from the beginning: when Mariah hit 7 #1s early in her career in the 90s,
all of us knew that this big-haired girl with a big voice was gonna be the pain in Madonna’s declining butt.

2. Elvis and The Beatles. Who would have thought that a Mariah Carey would have tied Elvis? It’s also pretty obvious now that MC would even surpass The Beatles in terms of #1’s! Many people would have problems with calling Mariah an icon. Let others have the title “icon” — there’s far too many of them anyway. Let Mariah be called The Iconoclast — the one who destroyed and surpassed the achievements of the venerated icons Elvis and The Beatles … ok, sure … and Madonna.

3. Inspiration. The divorce from the almighty Tommy Mottola. The TRL striptease. The “Glitter” movie and CD. The weird website messages. Eminem. The breakdown. Who would have thought that the Pariah would emerge victorious and triumphant over all those horrors? Her songs “Hero” and “Through The Rain” have all come true. Mariah and her life-affirming songs have always been an inspiration to millions. This latest triumph of her cements her status as a true American hero (oops…American…Madonna wouldn’t like that!).

Hurrah, Mariah! Go for the 20th!

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